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Life Insurance

Insurance that covers the risk that may arise on death, disability or illness for you, your family and your dependents. Planning against these risks gives you the peace of mind that your financial security is well taken care off.

Financial planning – The process of providing information for your financial adviser to do proper planning for the different risk that may face you and your family, this plan gives the client the guide to provide for all uncertainties that you may face through your lifetime.

Estate planning – Planning for death is essential to providing for your family and the cost that may arise from taxes and other provisions such as medical aid and education.

Life cover – Lump sum that pays out to your estate or beneficiaries at the time of death. The best way to may sure your estate is liquid and for additional provision for your family.

Disability cover – Lump sum that pays out when you become permanently disabled and can’t do the functions of your work. The lump sum can be used to help you with living expenses or to structure your home for your specific disability and to pay off outstanding debt.

Severe illness cover – Lump sum that pays out when you are diagnosed with a specific severe illness such as cancer, stroke, heart attack. The money can be used to cover additional medical expenses not covered by your medical scheme or pay off outstanding debt.

Income protection – Pays out a monthly amount that is linked to your current income. Different waiting periods can be selected dependent on your specific employment contact. Insurers offer cover for injury and illness that you can recover from and permanent disability.



Registered Financial Service Provider. FSP 11091

Council of Medical Schemes. ORG1064